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Los Angeles Review of Books - "DeLillo and the Triumph of Solitude"

23 July 2014

DeLillo's masterpiece Underworld performs a relentless evocation. Layers of images from film serve as backdrop for characters navigating places from the past, and a dystopian present. The novel as a whole resembles a full-length feature, with the protagonist Nick Shay standing in for DeLillo, like Charles Foster Kane stood in for Orson Welles. Both protagonists grow up with dim memories of a father, and both stories end with a single word, spoken in a dream state.

Spies Like Us

26 July 2014

Walter Isaacson's review of A Spy Among Friends, the latest study of British double agent Kim Philby, is itself a study in meta-narrative. Philby led a notorious ring of Cambridge-educated spies and distinguished himself as the best Soviet mole ever to penetrate the U.K.'s intelligence leadership.

Begin Again - Music for the Disingenuous

12 July 2014

Keira Knightley plays the latest incarnation of this well-trodden character, a disturbingly photogenic singer-songwriter whose caddish boyfriend-collaborator first feeds from and then genuflects before her tentative accomplishments.

Cameron Brown

6 July 2014

On the Fourth of July, Cameron Brown took the stage at the Cornelia Street Cafe with his group, Danny's Calypso. For nearly an hour, they produced textures and voicings with the compressed complexity of a pen and ink drawing, or a gouache.